Thomas Winkler of Wooster (1871-1944)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 19 April 1871, Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio, USA 27 July 1895, Wayne County, Ohio, USA 9 December 1944, Wooster Township, Wayne, Ohio, USA Thomas E. Winkler, known as "Tom", was born on 19 Apr 1871 in Overton, Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio to parents John Wesley Winkler and Catharine Ann Warner . 1 Thomas was raised in Overton. He was the oldest of 4 children, with his sister Effie being 2 years younger, brother William being almost 8 years younger and brother Charles being 18 years younger. The amount of schooling he received is not known but his education level is listed as being able to read and write. 2 Emma Jane Beyeler was born on 24 Jan 1878 in Wahlern, Bern, Switzerland to parents Johannes Beyeler and Magdalena Krenger . 3 While her father arrived in 1881, Emma arrived at the age of 5 with her mother in 1

Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter of Haugesund (1859-1907)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 25 May 1859, Risin or Kopervik, Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway 06 June 1885, Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway 12 May 1907, Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter was born on 25 May 1859 in Risin, Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway (also listed as Kopervik) to parents Ole Olsen Kopervik & Andrine Marie Mortensdatter, and was baptized on 21 Aug 1859 in Avaldsnes. 1 Torvaldine's father Ole died at sea when Torvaldine was only 3 years old 2 and from the age of 5, she was raised by stepfather Thore Johannes Mattiasen. We can find the family living in Kopervik on the 1865 census, including her brother Oluf, Nils, and stepbrother Johan. 3 Torvaldine was confirmed on the 05 October 1873 while she was still living with her mother in the city of Kopervik. 4 Thorvald Haugen and Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter married on 06 Jun 188

Sarah Short of Delhi (1818-1881)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 19 March 1818, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, England 13 March 1837, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, England 20 November 1881, Delhi, Delaware, Iowa, USA Sarah Short was born the 19 Mar 1818 in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, England 2 to parents Edward Short and Sarah Austin. Sarah was christened the 8 Nov 1818 at St. Mary's Church in Ivinghoe. 3 Sarah was raised in Ivinghoe where she lost her mother at the age of 2, due to what appears to be complications following the birth of her younger sister Susannah, and her father at the age of 17. (Whether Sarah had to get by on her own as something like a housekeeper or if she was able to band together with her siblings is unknown. It should also be noted that Sarah possibly had 3 surviving half-siblings as well from her father's first marriage that may have been able to help.) Not

George Frederick Rogers Sr of Cleveland (1894-1972)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 30 March 1894, Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA 01 June 1913, Nottingham, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA 12 September 1972, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA George Frederick Rogers was born on Cook Road in Olmsted Township (now Olmsted Falls), Cuyahoga, Ohio 1 on 30 Mar 1894 2 to parents Samuel John Rogers and Elizabeth Collier who had recently immigrated from England two years prior. 3 Not long after George was born his family moved to Columbia Township in Lorain, Ohio, which is where they can be found on the 1900 census. The census lists George as 6, living with his parents Samuel & Elizabeth, and siblings Harry, Elizabeth, Phillip, Arthur, and Samuel Jr on rented farm property. 3 The following year, on 23 Jun 1901, George was baptized in the Columbia Township Methodist Episcopal Church by Rev

John Betzikofer of Liverpool (1824-1899)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 1824, Sigmaringen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Before 1854, Unknown 13 April 1899, Belden, Medina, Ohio, USA John Betsicover is currently assumed to have been born in the Sigmaringen region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 1824 under the name Justus Betzikofer. While research is still underway, this is all we know of John's early life at this current moment. Even less is known on his wife Emily Zimmerman. She was born in the region of Bayern, Germany about 1828 and seems that her birth name was Apolonia even though she frequently went by Emily and Emma. That is the total extent of our early knowledge. As a matter of fact, we don't know much about their arrival in America either. John stated later in life on his naturalization paperwork that he arrived May of 1852, but we don't know where or if he was alone or with his br

Christina Henninger of Wayne Co (1815-1877)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 06 March 1815, Augustaville, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA 13 February 1840, Wayne County, Ohio, USA 20 March 1877, Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio, USA Christina Anna Henninger was born on 06 Mar 1815 3 in Augustaville, Rockefeller Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania to parents Phillip Henninger and Magdalena Dunkelberger. Here Christina was baptized on 11 Jun 1815 at Zion (or Stone) Lutheran and Reformed Church, sponsored by John Ried and his wife. Christina Henninger and her family moved from Pennsylvania to Wayne County, Ohio sometime between 1820 and 1830. 4 Thomas Warner married Christina Henninger on 13 Feb 1840 in Wayne County, Ohio. 5 The new couple lived in Green Township, Wayne, Ohio in 1840 as neighbors of Christina's father Phillip & brother Jacob Henninger'

Catharine Ann Warner of Wayne (1851-1942)

BIRTH MARRIAGE DEATH 21 July 1851, Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio, USA 06 January 1870, Wayne County, Ohio, USA 24 January 1942, Plain Township, Wayne, Ohio, USA Catharine Ann Warner was born on 21 Jul 1851 in Overton, Chester, Wayne, Ohio to parents Thomas Warner and Christina Henninger. 10 Here at Overton in Chester, Wayne, Ohio, Catharine grew up with her older sister Anna Maria and younger brother Simon Peter. 11 John Wesley Winkler married Catharine Ann Warner on 06 Jan 1870 in Wayne County, Ohio 12 , 13 (John's father and Catharine's father owned land adjacent to one another making John and Catharine neighbors growing up.) 14 After marriage, John and new wife Catharine make their home at Overton in Chester Township, next to Overton church, where John worked as