Thorvald Haugen and Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter

Thorvald's Baptism Record - Line #133
Torvald Hansen Haugen was born on 16 Dec 1864 in Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway to parents Hans Jorgen Petersen Haugen and Anne Olsdatter.  The family lived in Hedenstad, Sandsvaer, Buskerud, Norway on the Haugen farm in what was the Saggrænden and Medheien school district.

Haugen Family Farm on the 1865 Census
Torvald was baptized the following year on 24 Sep 1865 in Sandsvaer under the name Torvald Petersen.

Thorvald Haugen
By the time Torvald was confirmed on 05 Oct 1879 in Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway, he had adjusted the spelling of his name to Thorvald to match with the growing national movement at the time.

Torvaldine's Baptism Record - Line #119
Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter was born on 25 May 1859 in Risin, Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway (also listed as Kopervik) to parents Ole Olsen Kjelsvik & Andrine Mortensdatter, and was baptized on 21 Aug 1859 in Avaldsnes.

Thorvald & Torvaldine's Marriage Record
Thorvald Haugen and Torvaldine Marie Olsdatter married on 06 Jun 1885 in Avaldsnes, Rogaland, Norway.

Haugen Family's 1900 Norwegian Census
Thorvald was employed as a sailor, more specifically a 2nd Engineer or marine engineer. The family lived at "Sørhauggade" 121b in Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway.

Record of Torvaldine's Death (1907)
Bottom half - Line #31
Torvaldine died of tuberculosis on 12 May 1907, at the age of 47, in Haugesund, Norway. She was buried four days later on 16 May 1907 in Haugesund.

Thorvald would soon remarry when he met Ingeborg Sofie Sørensen Nordhal. The two were wed on 09 Apr 1908 in Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway.

Thorvald with 2nd wife Sofie & their three
children Ingeborg, Uldean, Hans (abt 1920)
Sofie would join the Haugen family and they would move to Hasseløen, shoreline 20, apartment  3 on a farm owned by Laurits Pettersen. It was a seahouse apartment where the family paid Kr. 150.00 (crown/norwegian currency) in rent in Haugesund.

On 23 Jan 1914 when daughter Thora left for America, Thorvald was living in Storsund, Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway.

Thorvald in a 1932 Hudson (abt 1932)
On 19 Aug 1932 in Stavanger, Norway, Thorvald detailed in his passenger manifest that he lived in Fosenoen, Rogaland, Norway (now Fosen, just south of Haugesund) as he boarded the S.S. Bergensfjord sailing for America.

Possibly Thorvald Haugen
at 82 years old, but I'm
told this is incorrect
The ship took 14 days to make it's way to America and on 02 Sep 1932 he arrived in Ellis Island, New York under the name Thorvald Haugen. He’s listed as having a fair complexion, gray hair and blue eyes. Thorvald mentions that he had previously visited the US as a sailor and is here with intentions of visiting his daughter Anna for period of 6 months.  By this time Thorvald has retired from sailing and had taken up farming.

After his visit, Thorvald returned home and would live into the 1940s. Thorvald died on 20 Aug 1947 in Karmoy, Rogaland, Norway.

Children of Thorvald Haugen & Marie Olsdatter
1. Karl Haugen, 5 Feb 1888
2. Oluf “Ollie” Haugen, 26 Mar 1890 – Jul 1967
3. Adolf Haugen, 13 Jan 1893 – 10 Jun 1951
4. Anna Andrine Haugen, 30 Oct 1894 – 5 Jan 1987
5. Thora Marie Haugen, 21 Dec 1897 – 11 Oct 1992

Children of Thorvald Haugen & Ingeborg Sofie Sorensen
1. Trygve “Hunts” Haugen, 5 Jan 1909 – 30 Jan 1915
2. Ingeborg Haugen
3. Oldine Haugen
4. Hans Haugen


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