Thomas Ellsworth Winkler and Emma Jane Beieler

Winkler Family (abt 1906) : Left to Right 
Thomas, Welker, Glen, and Emma
Thomas E. Winkler, known as "Tom", was born on 19 Apr 1871 in Overton, Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio to parents John Wesley Winkler and Catharine Ann Warner.

Thomas was raised in Overton. He was the oldest of 4 children, with his sister Effie being 2 years younger, brother William being almost 8 years younger and brother Charles being 18 years younger. The amount of schooling he received is not known but his education level is listed as being able to read and write.

Emma Jane Beyeler was born on 24 Jan 1878 in Wahlern, Bern, Switzerland to parents Johannes Beyeler and Magdalena Krenger.

Thomas working on his farm
While her father arrived in 1881, Emma arrived at the age of 5 with her mother in 1883, two years after her father. It was very common for married men to arrive by themselves and work to establish a new life prior to the arrival of their wife and children. The Beieler family had officially settled in Wayne county, Ohio by 1888.

Thomas, Emma & grand-
daughter Kathryn (1921)
Emma grew up in Wayne county, Ohio and again, her amount of schooling isn’t exactly known but she was able to read and write and is noted as being able to speak French & English.

Thomas & Emma's Marriage Record (1895)
Thomas married Emma Jane Beieler on 27 Jul 1895 in Wayne County, Ohio by E.M. Beck.

Thomas and Emma started out their lives together living in Smithville Village in Green, Wayne, Ohio where they rented a home and Thomas worked as a Day Laborer. Emma gave birth to two sons, Welker & Glenford, while they were living in Smithville.

L to R: Thomas, Emma, grand-daughter
Kathryn & daughter-in-law Mona (1921)
By 25 Apr 1910 the Winkler family had moved to Congress, Wayne, Ohio. Here Tom rented a farm in Congress Township and took up farming as his occupation.

1920 US Census for the Winkler Family
By 15 Jan 1920, Tom & Emma were living at 658 Belmont Ave. in Wooster, OH with their children Welker & Glenford. Tom was no longer farming and was back to work as a machinist in the machine manufacturing industry.

Thomasom & grandson
Robert (abt 1931)
Emma wrote in her day book that on the 16 Nov 1924 Tom suffered a stroke in Wooster, Wayne, Ohio. He would recover, however Tom and Emma spent the next few years moving between relative’s houses while nursing Tom back to health.

Emma and Tom with great-grandson
Jerry (Autumn 1944)
By 03 Apr 1930, Tom and Emma were living at 646 Nold Ave. in Wooster with his mother Catharine, who he’s charging $15 rent. Tom has recovered by this time and lists that he is working as a farmer and machinist for own business while Emma is working as Servant for a private residence.

Death record for Thomas Winkler (1944)
Tom passed away on 9 Dec 1944 in Wooster at the age of 73 years old after 2 weeks of heart trouble. He had been diagnosed with coronary artery disease just over two years prior and that was determined to be the official cause of death. He was buried on 12 Dec 1944 at the Overton Church of God Cemetery (5575 Mechanicsburg Road) in Wooster, OH.

Obituary for Emma
Winkler from the
Wooster Daily Record
(20 Sep 1955)
Emma died on 19 Sep 1955 in Wooster Township, Wayne, Ohio from a Heart Attack. She was buried next to her husband Tom and son Glenn on 22 Sep 1955 in Overton Church of God Cemetery in Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio. The Wooster Daily Record newspaper notes that Emma was a member of the Methodist Church and Eastern Star Lodge.

Children of Tom & Emma Winkler
1. Welker John Winkler, 25 Feb 1896 – 26 Feb 1976
2. Glenford Leroy Winkler, 17 Jul 1898 – 18 Nov 1932

Overton Church of God Cemetery in Chester, Wayne County, Ohio


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