Johannes Beyeler and Magdalena Krenger

John Beieler and Family (abt 1890)

Johannes Beyeler was born on 03 Sep 1854 in Schwarzenberg, Wahlern, Bern, Switzerland to parents Christian Beyeler and Magdalena Hostettler. Johannes, better known as John, is listed under multiple last names in his lifetime. Originally, John states his last name as "Beyeler", after immigration he changes it to "Beieler", common misspellings have listed "Beiler" & "Beichler", and finally some children adopted "Beeler".  

John's Naturalization (1888)
Magdalena "Mattie" Krenger was born on 24 Jun 1853 in Thurnen, Bern, Switzerland to parents Albert Krenger and Barbara Kunzi.  

John Beyeler married Magdalena "Mattie" Krenger on 26 May 1876 in Bern, Switzerland.  

John departed France and arrived in New York, New York on 3 Feb 1882 aboard the ship St. Laurent. He ended up in Ohio where he proceeded to make a life for him and his family in anticipation of their arrival. Mattie arrived two years later in 1883 with five year old daughter Emma.

L to R: John Mischler, Rosina Beyeler-Mischler,
John Beieler, Mattie Krenger-Beieler (abt 1910)
John was naturalized in Wayne County, Ohio on 09 Jun 1888. By the time of naturalization Johannes had officially changed his name to John Beieler to “Americanize” himself.

On 06 Jun 1900, he lived in Wooster Township, Wayne, Ohio with wife, Mattie and 2 children, John & Christ working as a farmer, Rents farm.

Mattie's Obituary in the Wooster Daily
Record p1 (12 Aug 1924)
On 20 Apr 1910 John lived in Wayne Township, Wayne, Ohio with wife Mattie and boarder John Kiser. Son John R and his wife live next door, married 3 months prior.  

Mattie and John Beieler
with great-granddaughter
Kathryn Winkler (1921)
On 12 Jan 1920, John lived in Smithville, Green, Wayne, Ohio on Milton Street with wife Mattie. Retired.

Mattie died on 11 Aug 1924 in Smithville, Wayne, Ohio.  She was buried on 13 Aug 1924 in the Smithville Cemetery.

John Beieler's Obituary in Orrville
Courier-Crescent (13 Feb 1925)
John died on 10 Feb 1925 in Smithville, Wayne, Ohio of Cerebral hemorrhage. He was buried on 12 Feb 1925 in Smithville Village, Green Township, Wayne, Ohio at Smithville Cemetery alongside his wife.  

Children of John & Mattie Beieler
1. Alfred Beyeler, 26 Mar 1877 – 26 Mar 1877
2. Emma Jane Beieler, 24 Jan 1878 – 19 Sep 1955
3. Ida Rose Beieler, 3 May 1886 – 11 Oct 1893
4. John Rudolph Beieler, 3 Feb 1888 – 14 Feb 1965
5. Christ Albert Beeler, 1 Oct 1889 – 19 Jan 1969

Photo credit to Margaret Gunn via

John Beieler's Death Record (1925)

Mattie Beieler's Death Record (1924)


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