Glenford Leroy Winkler and Mona Marian Christian

Glenn Winkler (abt 1920)
Glenford Leroy Winkler, better known as “Glenn”, was born on 17 Jul 1898 in Smithville, Wayne, Ohio to parents Thomas Winkler and Emma Beieler.

Glenn outside the family
home (abt 1920)
Glenn lived with his parents and older brother Welker in Congress, Wayne County, Ohio. Glenn is said to have only achieved a fourth grade education and that he left home by the age of 14.

After Glenn left home, the first record we find of him is in 1918, at the time of the World War I draft registration, where Glenn lists his permanent residence as "in car" in Casper, Natrona, Wyoming while working for the Norris Company as a Truck Driver.

By 15 Jan 1920, Glenn has returned to Wooster, Wayne, Ohio where he is again living with his family at 658 Belmont Avenue. It seems Glenn has given up on truck driving and is now working as a laborer at an aluminum works facility.

Birth Return for Mona Christian (1895)
Mona Marian Christian was born on 17 Oct 1895 to parents George Edward Christian and Frances Jane Dodge at 11 Gregg Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mona grew up at 11 Gregg St with 5 brothers, 1 sister, and her grandfather Rufus Dodge who moved in with the family in 1897 following his wife's death.

Mona and unknown, maybe
sister Ethel Lucille (abt 1917)
Mona with I believe 2 of her brothers
By 1907 the family has relocated to 240 North Huntington Street in Medina Township, Ohio where she lived with her parents, brother Howard, brother Fred & by 1910, his wife Valeska too. When her sister Ethel Lucille got married, she and her husband started out living next door with their 2 daughters.

Mona and Glenn (abt 1920)
In 1920, Mona is splitting time at 2 locations. Mona is still in Medina living in her childhood home at 240 North Huntington Street with her mother Frances, but she was also living with brother Stanley working for an Aluminum Works Factory as a packer in Wooster, Ohio. This is most likely how she met Glenn Winkler, a laborer at the Aluminum Works.

On 7 Aug 1920, Glenford Leroy Winkler and Mona Marion Christian were married by Judge Omar Van Deusen in Medina, Ohio.

Marriage Application and License (1920)
Within a few years, Glenn would up and leaves Mona and their two children. The next record of Glenn is found 16 May 1928 in Noble county, Indiana where he was arrested and put on trial for 2nd Degree Burglary charges. At the trial Glenn plead guilty and was sentenced to 1-10 yrs by Judge Arthur F. Biggs (Charges against Glen's partner in crime, Everett Slabaugh, were dropped.)

Mona & Glenn with his brother Welker and
his wife Bessie Jane Day (abt 1920)
Glenn arrived in Michigan City, La Porte, Indiana for his incarceration on 23 May 1928 at the Indiana State Prison North where he was assigned Prisoner No. 12582. His prison paperwork states he chews tobacco, drinks moderately. While in prison, Glenn worked as a machine operator in the prison shirt shop. (It should be noted that 1928 was the height of prohibition. Whether it played any part in this is currently unknown.)

Court transcript from Glenn's hearing
for burglary charges (1928)
Glenn's prison record
Glenn was paroled on 27 Jun 1930 and released 2 Jul 1930, but was re-incarcerated a month and a half later on the 20 Aug 1930 for unknown reasons, but most likely due to a parole violation. Glenn served another year, was granted paroled again on 25 Aug 1931 and released for last time 29 Aug 1931.

Glenn returned home to Ohio and attempted to make nice and spend time with his wife and kids.

Glenn's brother Welker with Mona & Glenn
In Oct 1932 Glenn was diagnosed with a disease referred at the time to as general paralysis of the insane or paralytic dementia which is now known as general paresis, a neuropsychiatric disorder affecting the brain and central nervous system, caused by syphilis infection Neurosyphilis. The patient usually presented with psychotic symptoms of sudden and often dramatic onset. General paresis can only be treated early on and Glenn's case was too advanced for treatment.

Glenn died a month later on 18 Nov 1932 in Perry, Stark, Ohio at Massillon General Hopsital.  He was buried on 19 Nov 1932 at Overton Church of God Cemetery in Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio.

Mona Winkler (1939)
After Glenn left the family, Mona moved back to 240 North Huntington Street to live at her childhood home with her 2 children, brother Howard and mother.

Mona's obituary from the Medina Gazette
Newspaper p.3 (10 Oct 1973)
Mona lived a full life filled with friends and family. She died on 10 Oct 1973 at Medina Community Hospital in Medina, Ohio following a short illness at the age of 78 years old. The Medina Gazette newspaper states she was “A member of the Rebekah Lodge Aux. of the Odd Fellows and was the last survivor of a family of five brothers and one sister." Mona was buried on 12 Oct 1973 in Medina, Ohio at Spring Grove Cemetery, with her brother Howard “Pete” Christian and followed six months later by her son Robert (Section VI & VII; Row 10; 3 headstones facing north towards the high school).

Children of Glenn & Mona Winkler
1.             Kathryn Lucille Winkler, 25 Jan 1921 – 18 Mar 2008
2.             Robert Ellsworth Winkler, 3 May 1924 – 25 Apr 1974


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