George Edward Christian and Frances Jane Dodge

George in an undated
photo (abt 1875-80)
George Edward Christian was born on 22 Nov 1858 in Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio to parents Edward Christian and Maria Simons. George was the oldest of 9 children, 6 of whom were boys.

He grew up in Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio where he went to school and learned to read and write and once he got old enough, worked as a Laborer.

Frankie Dodge (abt 1876-9)
Frances Jane "Frankie" Dodge was born on 29 Jun 1862 in Springfield Township, Mahoning, Ohio, to parents Rufus Dodge and Sarah Bryant. Frankie was the 2nd of 3 children, all daughters.

By the summer of 1870 Frankie and her family had moved to Ridgeville, Lorain, Ohio (now North Ridgeville) where they lived with her sister Hattie (until she married), niece Adela, and later, sister Georgianna.

George & Frankie's Marriage Record (1883)
On 24 Feb 1883, George Edward Christian married Frances Jane Dodge in Lorain County, Ohio before Judge E.H. Himman.

Christian family portrait (1899)
Back: Ethel Lucille, Edward R., Fredrick E.
Middle: Stanley B. Lester C.
Front: Frances, Mona, Howard E. George
By the 1890’s, the family was living in Cleveland Township, Cuyahoga, Ohio at 11 Gregg Street where George was worked as a Machinist. George and Frankie had a total of 5 sons & 2 daughters and by 1897 they were also taking care of Frankie’s father Rufus Dodge who had recently lost his wife. Interestingly, the 1900 census describes that George spent 2 months unemployed in the previous year.

Christian family photo (abt 1903)
Front: Rufus Dodge, Lester, George,
Howard, Frances, Mona & Ethel Lucille
Back: Unk., Fredrick, Stanley, Edward R.
In the early 1900’s, the Christian family moved out to Medina Township, Medina, Ohio and bought a house at 240 North Huntington Street. Here George took up work as a General Farmer.

Most of his children got married and moved out and by 1910 George and Frankie were living with son Howard, daughter Mona, and son Fred with his wife Valeska remaining. Daughter (Ethel) Lucille & her husband Merrill lived next door for a while before they moved to Hinckley.

Death Record for George Christian (1917)
Pg1 Obituary Medina
Gazette (9 Feb 1917)
George died on 07 Feb 1917 in Weymouth, Medina, Ohio from Brights disease: a general term for kidney disease. The Medina Gazette reported that George was a longtime sufferer of heart disease and had been confined to the house in his final days. Funeral took place on 09 Feb 1917 in Berea at father's home on 95 Beech Street in Berea and George was buried in Woodvale Cemetery.

Frankie (1939)
After George's passing, Frankie continued to live the family home in Medina Township, Medina, Ohio at 240 North Huntington Street with son Howard and daughter Mona helping their mother. By this time, son Fred & wife Valeska had bought a house close by and were living only two blocks away.

Frankie's son Howard, better known as Pete, became the man of the house, holding jobs such as a Tinner at a Bee supply factory and a cutter at a bending works to help provide. That help was much needed as in the coming years daughter Mona would get married, have 2 children, and move back home. The family did have a Radio set (1930 census).

Frances Christian's Obituary in
Medina Gazette p3 (13 Jul 1943)
Frankie spent the later years of her life playing with and helping raise her daughter Mona’s children.

Death Record for Frances Dodge (1943)
Frankie passed away on 09 Jul 1943 in Medina Township, Medina, Ohio from acute pleuritis and endocarditis at the age of 81.  She was buried on 12 Jul 1943 in Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio at Woodvale Cemetery with her husband George.

Children of George & Frances Christian
1. Edward Rufus Christian, 19 Apr 1884 – 19 Dec 1943
2. Fredrick Ervin Christian, 03 Dec 1885 – 16 Aug 1945
3. Ethel Lucille Christian, 27 Oct 1887 – 24 Dec 1954
4. Stanley Bryant Christian, 2 Jun 1890 – 8 Oct 1956
5. Lester Clair Christian, 9 Apr 1893 – 16 Mar 1969
6. Mona Marian Christian, 17 Oct 1895 – 10 Oct 1973
7. Howard Emerson “Pete” Christian, 08 Aug 1897 – 23 Jan 1973


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