Andreas Johnsen and Anne Marie Olsdatter Ruud

Andreas Baptism Record (1830)
Andreas Johnsen was born on 08 Mar 1830 in Svelvik, Vestfold, Norway to parents John Nilssen and Ingaborg Karine Oudensdatter. He was baptized on 05 Sep 1830 on the opposite shoreline in Hurum, Buskerud, Norway.

Andreas was confirmed on 05 Oct 1845 in Hurum, Buskerud, Norway.

Anne Ruud's Baptism Record (1827)
Anne Maria Olsdatter Ruud was born on 07 Oct 1827 in Strommen, Vestfold, Norway to Ole Christensen Ruud and Berthe Maria Jensdatter. She was baptized on 18 Nov 1827 in Hurum, Buskerud, Norway.

In 1842 Anne was confirmed at the local parish in Hurum, Buskerud, Norway.

Andreas & Anne's Marriage Record (1855)
On 17 Dec 1855, Andreas Johnsen married Anne Marie Olsdatter Ruud in Hurum, Buskerud, Norway.

On the 4 Aug 1862, Andreas bought farm house 11a in Svelvik from Ole Halvorsen for $108. Here Andreas and Anne would raise their six children. This is supported by their appearance on the 1865 census where they are listed  as living in house 11a in Svelvik with 5 children (son Andreas would not be born for another 2 years).

1865 Norwegian Census

Anne Ruud's Death Record (1867)
Anne died in Svelvik, Norway on 11 Aug 1867, just three days after the birth of son Andreas. She is said to died due to complications from childbirth. Anne was only 39 years old.

Over the next 6 years it became the oldest daughter Birthe Marie's responsibility to take care of the family until things change in 1873.

Andreas & Olava Marriage Record
By 1871 Andreas had met a lady he had become enamored with he called Laura. They began seeing each other and soon found out in early 1872 that Laura was pregnant with their first child.

They would wait until after their son Oscar was born, but on 12 Jan 1873 in Svelvik, Vestfold, Norway Andreas married Olava Annette "Laura" Andersen.

Olava would pass away 1 and 1/2 years later on 6 Sep 1874, again at the age of 39 from, oddly enough, what was listed as heart disease.

At the age of 55, Andreas worked as a carpenter and lived with his 6 children, 1 daughter-in-law, 5 grandchildren, and 2 currently unknown Johnsen's (Johan A. & Gustava) in 1885.

1885 Norwegian Census

Andreas' Death Record (1888)
Andreas died on 01 Jul 1888 in Svelvik, Vestfold, Norway, at the age of 58, and was buried four days later on 05 Jul 1888.

Children of Andreas Johnsen & Anne Marie Ruud
1. John Andreasen, 2 May 1856 – 7 Jan 1932
2. Birthe Marie Andreasdatter, 1 Nov 1858 – 17 Sep 1933
3. Julie  Andreasdatter, 1 Nov 1858 – 19 Nov 1933
4. Annette Andreasdatter, 30 Dec 1861 – 14 Jan 1937
5. Ole Andreasen, 2 Sep 1864 – 28 Mar 1895
6. Andreas Marinius Andreasen, 8 Aug 1867 – 31 Jan 1925

Svelvik Real Estate Register for House 11a

Anne Marie Olsdatter Rudd's Confirmation Record (1842)


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