Jacob D. Winkler and Barbara Ann Alleman

Winkler family 1850 Census
Jacob D. Winkler was born on 06 Mar 1815 in what was then known as East Union, Wayne, Ohio to parents Lawrence and Fannie Winkler. Jacob has the distinction of being the first Winkler born in the area known as Green Township, but it wouldn’t officially be organized as such until 5 Feb 1817.

Barbara Ann Alleman was born on 28 Dec 1820 in Middletown, Dauphin, Pennsylvania to parents Christian Alleman and Sarah Heppick.

At some point over before 1833, the Alleman family decided to migrate from Dauphin County, Pennsylvania to Wayne County, Ohio (son Christian is married in Wayne County in 1833).

Jacob & Barbara's Marriage Record (1839)
On 13 Jun 1839 in Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, Jacob Winkler married Barbara Ann Alleman.

They started their life together in Wayne Township where Jacob was working as a farmer. They had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Jacob lived Next door to his mother Fanny & sister Mary, and brother Enoch & wife Rachel. By 1860 the real & personal estates they had amassed were valued at $300 and $500 respectively.

Five Winkler properties in Chester Twp.
between sections 13 and 14 (1873)
By the summer of 1870, Jacob and Barbara have moved to Cedar Valley in Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio where they lived with 4 sons, 2 daughters, farmhand Joseph Garver, age 11, and another Garver child, 9. This new residence was valued at $6000.

In Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio there are four J. Winkler properties surrounding the Overton Church at least one of these properties are Jacob’s and one is his son John Wesley.  

By summer 1880, the only children remaining in the house were son Martin and daughter Melissa. At this time Jacob, age 65, is mentioned to be in some form crippled or disabled.

Barbara's Death Record (1890)
Barbara died on 23 Mar 1890 in Cedar Valley, Wayne, Ohio.  Barbara was buried in Overton Church of God Cemetery in Chester Township under the name “Barbary Winkler”.

Jacob's Death Record (1890)
Five and a half months later, on 06 Sep 1890, Jacob died in Cedar Valley from Apoplexy or bleeding caused by a stroke. He was buried at Overton Church of God Cemetery, next to his wife Barbara and son James Jacob who died in the Civil War.

Children of Jacob & Barbara Winkler
1. John Wesley Winkler, 2 Nov 1840 – 18 Mar 1913
2. James Jacob Winkler, 24 Aug 1842 – 12 Jul 1865
3. William Hepic Winkler, 16 Sep 1844 – 6 Jul 1916
4. David Todd Winkler, 10 Apr 1846 – 17 Mar 1930
5. Sarah Jane Winkler, 19 Feb 1848 – 3 Jun 1939
6. Martin Luther Winkler, 7 Nov 1849 – 15 Nov 1920
7. Mary Melissa Winkler, 14 Feb 1852 – 1 May 1938
8. Margaret Ann Winkler, 31 Oct 1854 – 11 Aug 1956
9. Anna Elizabeth Winkler, 24 May 1858 – 12 Sep 1926
10. Emma Alice Winkler, 17 Jul 1859 – 9 Oct 1936

Jacob Winkler Obituary in Wooster (1890)

Inscription for Barbara Winkler on the Winkler
Family monument in Overton Church of God
Cemetery in Chester, Wayne County, Ohio


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