Thomas D. Warner and Christina Anna Henninger

Thomas D Warner was born on 19 Jun 1814 in Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Currently his parents and siblings are unknown even though there were multiple Warner families from Northumberland County (Birth date was obtained by counting backwards using information provided by the headstone at his gravesite).

Christina Anna Henninger was born on 06 Mar 1815 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania to parents Phillip Henninger and Magdalena Dunkelberger.

Christina Henninger and her family moved from Pennsylvania to Wayne County, Ohio sometime between 1820 and 1830.

Marriage of Thomas Warner & Christina Henninger (1840)
Thomas Warner married Christina Henninger on 13 Feb 1840 in Wayne County, Ohio.

The new couple lived in Green Township, Wayne, Ohio in 1840 as neighbors of Christina's father Phillip & brother Jacob Henninger's families.

Thomas Warner's properties in Chester Twp
between sections 13 and 14 (1873)
By 1850 Thomas had purchased a house and farm land where he worked as a farmer in Cedar Valley in Chester Township, Wayne, Ohio with his wife Christina, daughters Anna Maria & Catharine and son Simon Peter.

Over the next 20 years Thomas purchased multiple properties in the area. His real estate was estimated to be worth $3200 and personal estate at $224.

Christina died on 20 Mar 1877 at the age of 62, in Chester, Wayne, Ohio. She was buried at Overton Church of God Cemetery in Chester Township.

Thomas died on 03 Apr 1879 in Chester, Wayne, Ohio. For whatever reason, burial records state he wasn't buried at the Overton Church Cemetery until 19 Feb 1889. I have yet to discover the reason for this massive gap in the records, however, Thomas now rests with his wife Christina.

Children of Thomas & Christina Warner
1. Liza Warner, 1842 - 1842
2. Anna Maria "Myra" Warner, 21 Jun 1846 - 21 May 1928
3. Catharine Ann Warner, 21 Jul 1851 - 24 Jan 1942
4. Simon Peter Warner, 26 Mar 1852 - 6 Sep 1935

Note: Thomas Warner was one of many Warners from the Northumberland area living in Wayne County, Ohio, yet I have not yet been able to connect him directly to any other Warner. It has been mentioned that he is most likely the sibling of Peter (1807-1877; married Ann) and possibly Jacob I. Warner (both of Wayne County) and that it might be mentioned in the Warner Reunion book held at the Wayne County Library, however I have yet to investigate this myself. It is also mentioned that both Peter and Thomas named a son Simon Peter Warner. Considering that was not a popular name, it could be used as further proof to link the two together. Peter was also buried in Overton Cemetery in the same row as Thomas & Christina and his gravestone mentions he was from Northumberland County, Pennslyvania as well. 

"Charles J. Warner, M. D., was born in Wayne township, Wayne county, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1836. His father, Peter Warner, was a farmer and a native of Sunbury, Northumberland county, Pa., with whom the subject of this sketch remained until he was eighteen years of age. The farm life, we are quite ready to believe, harmonized with the developing manhood of Dr. Warner, and enables us to describe him as a splendid specimen of physical and muscular outline. While thus engaged, he utilized every opportunity and employed his leisure hours in study and in the perusal of such books as he could make accessible, and which would most benefit him in establishing a foundation for future acquisitions and fields of usefulness." --- quoted from --- this same page lists that a Peter Warner and his family moved to the SW corner of Congress Twp in Apr 1815.

Peter Warner is DEFINITELY Thomas' older brother! Here's the evidence... Thomas and Peter were both from Sunbury, PA, both named a child Simon Peter Warner, both lived in Wayne County and in their late life, both lived in Cedar Valley just down the road from each other. Finally, Both men are buried in the same row in Overton Cemetery (just a few yards apart) and Peter was only 6 years older than Thomas. It should also be mentioned that "cousins" Thomas' daughter Catharine Anne Warner and Peter's son Dr. Charles J. Warner married Winkler cousins John Wesley Winkler and Mary Melissa Winkler. For now I rest my case and hope to find hard evidence somewhere...

Thomas Warner's Headstone at Overton
Church of God Cemetery in Chester, OH
Christina Henninger's Headstone at Overton
Church of God Cemetery in Chester, OH


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