Hans Jorgen Pettersen Laugerud of Sandsvær (1823-1902)

23 January 1823, Øvre Laugerud, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway
03 June 1843, Hedenstad Church, Sandsvær, Buskerud, Norway
22 October 1902, Visnes, Rogaland, Norway

 Hans Jorgen Pettersen was born on 23 Jan 1823 at Øvre Laugerud farm in Sandsvær, Buskerud County, Norway to farmer Petter Jorgensen Hovdebo and Maria Hansdatter Aas. Hans Jorgen was baptized at [Gulbrand Haugens Farm?] on 17 Feb 1823 and again in Hedenstad Church on 23 Feb 1823. Sponsors were Mette Christensdatter, Christen Flogland & Halvor Christensen of Gulbrand Laugerud.

Hans' was the second of seven children. His step-sister, Ingebor Serine, was 5 years older than Hans and born from his mother's previous relationship, sister Anne Johanne, was 2 years younger, & Berte Marie, was 6 years younger; his three brothers, twins Johannes and Jorgen, who died only a few days old, were born when Hans was 5, and Jorgen, when he was 9.

The family was raised on Øvre Laugerud farm where Hans was surrounded by his sisters.

Shortly after Hans turned 11 years old, on 31 Mar 1834 his father Petter died. Thought likely to be  disease, his cause of death was not documented so we are not certain what killed him. (His death was definitely premature as locals who survived childhood could expect to live to a median age of around 70.)

[Just to note: Norway experienced several cholera pandemics between 1800-1840, legislation for vaccination against smallpox was introduced in 1810 but was not strictly enforced until people were commanded to show vaccination cards at confirmations and weddings.]

Following his father's death, the Laugerud Farm was willed to Hans and his sister Anne Johanne on 20 Jan 1835. Being that they were both not yet teenagers, it appears the property went to their mother. In the following year, I assume Hans' mother Marie encountered a growing number of problems trying to manage the farm alone with 3 children under the age of 10. Things became difficult enough that on 20 Aug 1836, Marie sold Laugerud farm to Jacob Hansen Klovstad.

Around this time it appears that the family found residence at Kjorstad Farm. This was Hans' great-grandfather's farm, and although he passed away long before Hans was born, it's likely there were still relatives on the property (descended from his father's uncle Halvor?).

Hans was confirmed at the age of 13, on 23 Oct 1836 in Hedenstad Church in Sandsvær, signaling Hans' transition to adulthood and his lawful clearance to take a job. At this point he likely found work as a seasonal farmhand doing shared jobs on neighboring farms.

Near the fall of 1842, Hans became close with a local girl named Anne Olsdatter Lindboe who had been living in the Landsverk area at Brække farm. The two had grown up together in Hedenstad Church, and likely met each other through the church as they both were in the same class of kids receiving confirmation together in 1836.

That winter (1842-1843), Anne learned she was pregnant with Hans' child and the two started making plans for their future (if they hadn't already been planning).

In the spring, following Hans' 20th birthday, he purchased a small farm named Haugen. The deal was closed on the 16 Mar 1843. According to the Sandsvaer farm book (Bygdebøker), the place was originally larger and called Blårud in 1802. Later on it was called Blårudhaugen, but around the time of purchase it was split into 2 smaller farms (Blårud and Haugen). There were multiple places named Haugen in the area, and this neighbored a large farm named Landsverk. This is how the farm officially became known as Haugen under Landsverk.

[The farm is occasionally noted as Pladsen Haugen and Hans Jorgen is also noted as Pladsen or Pladsmand. This means small farm or in the case of an occupation, farmer of a small farm]

By mid March, the couple formally became engaged and announcements of the upcoming marriage were made in church on 26 Mar, 2 Apr and 9 Apr. The wedding took place on 3 Jun 1843, where it was written that "Hans Jorgen Pettersen of Laugerud, age 20, [now living at] Haugen under Landsverk, son of Petter Jorgensen", married "Anne Olsdatter Lindboe of Brække farm, age 21, daughter of Ole Olsen Lindboe of Uslerbakken". The marriage was witnessed by Ole Strenge of Hillestad ... and Christen Mork.

A month later, 12 Jul 1843, the couple welcomed their first child, son Petter Hansen Haugen (sometimes written as Petter Hans Jorgensen). Here Hans Jorgen is written as Hans Jorgen Pettersen Laugerud of Haugen under Landsverk.

[At this time it was common for couples to be accepted as married, move in together and begin creating their family once their intentions to marry each other are made. This was usually well before the official church records and ceremonies were held. For starters, once an intent to marry is presented to the church, Church law required 3 weeks of engagement announcements prior to being able to marry, and if you had been previously married, you would need to be cleared in court and provide court documents allowing you to marry again, all prior to your engagement. ... this being said, it was uncommon to see a couple give birth to a child and still not be officially married.]

Over the next 21 years the couple welcomed a total of 12 children: 6 sons and 6 daughters. Eight of those children we have been able to confirm made it to adulthood, Petter '43, Helvine Marie '45, Trine Sofia '46, Berte Martine '49, Hans Jacob '56, Olaus '57, Thea Andrine '60, and Thorvald '64.

The children grew up at the Haugen farm under Landsverk in Sandsvaer.

REVIEW: 8 Jul 1849 The family is noted at Kolsrud Farm... this is believed to be under Haugen

The only issue I've been unable to sort out is the death and baptism of daughter Bolette on 8 Jul 1849. Bolette dies in Sept 1849 and the church books say that she is baptized following her death. A note is written stating she died at Haugen under Landsverk but states she is being baptized at Kolsrud under Haugen. [Why would the church baptize a child who they've already buried in the churchyard months prior?]

In 1852, when Hans was 29, his mother passed away at Aajordet Farm in Sandsvaer.

16 Mar 1863, at the age of 40, Hans Jorgen sells the Haugen Farm to his son Petter. It appears Hans was looking for a change and was not interested maintaining his own farm anymore.

This being said, they didn't immediately move anywhere. The family stayed at Haugen Farm and can be found there on the 1865 census. By this point, Hans Jorgen is working odd jobs as a day laborer or "Løsarbeider", most likely for his son Petter and possibly his neighbors as well.

By 6 Oct 1872 (when son Olaus receives his confirmation), the Haugen family relocated to Visnes, on the island of Karmøy in the Avaldsnes Parish of Rogaland County. It appears that Hans was either looking for more steady work that wasn't as seasonal, or was just done with farming alltogether. Either way, Hans brought his wife, sons Olaus & Thorvald and daughter Thea Andrine. The rest of the children had already moved out of the house and had their own jobs and lives in the Sandsvaer area.

Once in Visnes, Hans' took up work as a miner in the copper mines at Visnes. The Visnes Copper Works were a busy place at this time as copper had just been discovered at the site in 1865. During the 1870s it was the largest copper mine in Norway. Visnes accounted for 70% of Norway's exported copper, some of which was used to create the Statue of Liberty. There is even a small sculpture of the Statue of Liberty and plaque in Visnes commemorating this.

In 1900, Hans and Anne were counted on the Norway census living on Karmøy Island in the Avaldsnes Parish. Hans is now 77 years old, living with wife Anne Olsdatter, no longer working and receiving some social support.

Two years later, on 22 Oct 1902, Hans dies in Visnes on the island of Karmøy. He was buried at Avaldsnes Church on 29 Oct 1902.


Petter Jorgensen Hovdebo, 28 Jul 1782 - 31 Mar 1834


Marie Hansdatter Ås, abt 1786 - 17 May 1852


Anne Olsdatter Lindboe, abt 25 Dec 1822 - 11 Mar 1908


  1. Petter Hansen Haugen, 12 Jul 1843 – 07 Feb 1909
  2. Helvine Marie Hansdatter Haugen, 11 Apr 1845 – 03 Jul 1932
  3. Trine Sofia Hansdatter Haugen, 26 Nov 1846 – ?
  4. Bolette Emilie Hansdatter Haugen, 29 Sep 1848 – 10 Apr 1849
  5. Berte Martine Hansdatter Haugen, 04 Mar 1849 – 1925
  6. Olavus Hansen Haugen, 1852 – 05 Mar 1853
  7. Olavus Hansen Haugen, 04 Nov 1854 – 01 May 1855
  8. Hans Jakob Hansen Haugen, 25 Mar 1856 – ?
  9. Olaus Hansen Haugen, 25 Oct 1857 – 10 Dec 1942
  10. Thea Andrine Hansdatter Haugen, 15 Jun 1860 – 07 Dec 1917
  11. Elevine Hansdatter Haugen, 29 Apr 1862 – 1864
  12. Torvald Hansen Haugen, 16 Dec 1864 – 20 Aug 1947

A Hans Jorgen worked in the copper mines at Visnes on the island of Karmøy and mined the copper used to create the Statue of Liberty. All the copper France used to create the Statue of Liberty came from the Visnes mine.

B The Sandsvaer farm book says that Hans Jorgen and the rest of the Haugen family left Haugen for about 8 years around 1848, however I have found no proof to back this up. All the Haugen children are born in the same parish register and all are listed as Haugen under Landsverk or in Hedenstad, the Kolsrud farm is nowhere to be seen on any of the baptism records.


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